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Bulerias Solo (me, ca. 1989)
Solea Solo (me, ca. 1989)

Bulerias Fiesta (Jerez)
One of my favorite Bulerias')

Taranto (Pilar Ogalla)
(About a third of a magnificent
Taranto at the Jerez Festival)

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I would like to acknowledge my deep appreciation for the Gitanos in Moron de la Frontera who were such good friends to me during a difficult period in my life; in particular my friends Gonzalo and La Chica, my teachers Agustin Rios (guitarist, singer and true flamenco), and,of course, the late Diego del Gastor, and all the others that were so tolerant of us half crazed American aficionados that were trying to understand the art they had inherited and created.

Also, Mercedes (Leon) and Albano, who helped me learn to accompany the dance in their studio in Madrid and many others in the studios at Calle Amor de Dios in Madrid.

Also for the generous support and encouragement of Dr. David Broad in helping keep my Flamenco projects alive, to Suzana "La Ceniza" for her contribution to these pages (and my life), to Rowan Hughes for his encouragement and his painting (and the luthier of my first Flamenco guitar), to Ron Fernandez for his encouragement, to my students for their support, and to all flamenco performers and aficionados, past, present, and future; without you, there would be nothing.....

Me ("Flamenco Chuck") ca. 1990
Painting by Rowan Hughes
Santa Barbara, CA