This page is a retrospective on my Flamenco Journey through life. I will be adding material over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

I want to express my deepest appreciation for all those who have contributed so much, in particular Suzana, Diego del Gastor and Agustin Rios, and my friends Gonzalo and La Chica in Moron de la Frontera, Donn Pohren, Brook Zern, Mercedes and Albano Leon in Madrid, Roberto Gales, Maria Teresa Carbajal, Marcela Del Real, Danny Staffler (who taught me my very first falsetas), Sandi and Jose Fernandez in LA), and many others.

Maria Teresa and Roberto were a delightful couple who graciously allowed us to film some of their choreography for future study after we returned home from our wedding trip in 1973. The setting is a rehearsal studio at Amor de Dios. Susie holds the camera; I am the guitarist.
Moron de la Frontera
Moron 01 - 05 are general shots of Moron - appearances of Miguel, Juan Cala, Agustin Rios, Paco del Gastor, Gonzalo and La Chica, Miguel, Donn Pohren, and Agustin's father at the market Abastos.
Moron 06 - Milagro, Eugenia, and Suzana
Moron 07 - Paella at Bar Pepe - myself, Miguel (Bar Miguel), Evan Harrar, Keni Parker, Agustin Rios, Juan del Gastor, Pepe (Sr.) (tasting Miguel's paella),
Moron 08 -09 Milagro, Eugenia, Suzana, Gitanito, Gonzalo, La Chica
Marcela del Real - a wonderful dancer who graciously allowed to film some of her dances for further study the last day of our grant in Madrid.
Sandi Fernandez - a talented dancer who graciously let us film her.
A Flamenco Journey (Super 8 Films)
Flamenco Information
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Suzana's report to the Canada Council of our journey to Madrid and Moron de la Frontera made possible by their grant to study Flamenco dance.