Ron Fernandez is an authority on Flamenco/Classical guitars, and has been deeply involved in Portuguese music. He is an excellent luthier and a good friend. I play Flamenco Sanchis Negra and Blanca guitars I purchased from him.

I also play Takamine TH-5C and a TC132SC guitars (the latter configured as a Flamenco by special order); the best I have found for plugged in performance (Palathetic pickup/CTP-2 Preamp). I use Luthier Silver High Tension strings.

Acoustic Amps: I use a Fishman SA-220 SoloAmp (my go-to for gigs), a Fishman Loudbox Mini, an LR Baggs A-Ref, a Roland AC-33 (battery) and a Roland Mobile Cube (portable/battery). All of them are excellent in their various form factors.

My first Flamenco guitar (1962) was made by my good friend the late Rowan Hughes, who also created the painting of me on the main page of this Website. Locally, Chris Jensen has performed excellent work on my guitars, and I find Instrumental Music (Jaime) an excellent store to work with.
Bill Davidson is a videographer who produces great documentation of recent festivales in Jerez, Cadiz, Moron, etc., and makes his DVD's available at very reasonable prices. E-mail him for informatiom at Vistas Flamencas.
Marvin Steel portrays pure Flamenco in his drawings and paintings, and captures the essence of the pure art.
Brook Zern
Flamenco Experience

Brook Zern is one of the most respected authorties in the art, and his web site is a major resource for those interested in the Art of Flamenco.

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