These documents are the original content of The Academy of Flamenco Guitar, created in the years 1969 through 1972.

Introduction To Flamenco was intended to be"quick and dirty" way of getting started with compas, after I realized The Flamenco Guitar was more complex, since it provided a more thorough basis for understanding falsetas.

Although there is some redundancy, and I've learned much more over the years, but I hope these documents can still provide a decent starting foundation for the Flamenco guitar.

Finally, bear in mind that during those years many of us were "flying blind", and experimenting with techniques, etc. I would approach things differently in many cases now, so keep an open mind as to engineering solutions to Flamenco guitar problems....:-)
These are collections of falsetas in the above "palos" (Flamenco forms); Includes tablature and audio.
An analysis of Flamenco rhythm
(metric) structures
This is an analysis of Flamenco music intendend to show its harmonic and scalar foundations in the context of conventional music theory.
This was intended as an upgrade/replacement to the previous documents I created, but the roof fell in before I could add the multimedia components. It is therefore somewhat redundant, but does include newer insights and analysis.
The Academy of Flamenco Guitar
Flamenco Information
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A retrospective on my involvement in Flamenco, including Suzana's report to the Canada Council of our journey to Madrid and Moron de la Frontera made possible by their grant to study Flamenco dance.
Open the .pdf documents to access the multimedia examples; if they don't work, try using Internet Explorer...
The Academy of Flamenco guitar no longer exists.
(PO Box 1292 is now closed.)