The Theory of Relativity

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These pages document myu journsey in understanding the Theory oif Relativity, and are older, many while I was still confused.   I will be adding a page shortly that will show Full Enligtenment.

You can preview it as a work in progress at
Mathematical Physics, to which I am adding every day, so be sure and refresh your browser.
(These  will also change if I get a chance to review them, but I am 81, and want to concentrate on  the cudrrent working document unti I finsh the "To Do" section.

Note: many of the documents on the original page vanished; the latest Win10 update crashed my HD. These are mostly older, except for Fermat and Goldbach proofs. I will be restoring the rest as I get time (they are still on the server at GoDaddy.

I think the links are OK now, but if not drop me an email.